At Neptune we know what everyday happiness is. Sometimes it’s an indoor bath in beautiful design with the right features, sometimes it’s an outdoor spa bath with massage features and digitalized solutions. Regardless, we have the bath that suits you and your family.

Swedish Neptun is one of the oldest companies in the business. That means we got a burning interest and great knowledge about  inside and outside baths. Since starting 1991 we have constantly improved our products and concepts. We design and produce down to the detail with focus on quality and functionality – and give the markets best warranty. That makes the purchase safe for you!

The abundant standard equipment in Neptune’s products are often optional for other manufacturers. In addition, we have options that raises the mood in the bath such as entertainment packages, aromatherapy, table to place drinks and special lighting.

An indoor bath or an outdoor spa bath is an investment that you should be able to enjoy for many years to come. Neptun Bath & Spa is currently represented at all well-established tile and bathroom stores, Bath & Heat stores, plumbing and accessory shops etc. Through our nationwide network of expert dealers is the step to owning your own bath never far away!


Power consumption in a spa bath has a major impact on both environment and operating costs. It can differ as much as up to 600% in power consumption between different models. With our energy efficient and well-insulated spa with the unique “TTS” technology (Triple Thermal Shield), you can save both the nature and money.

At Neptune, we guarantee you some of the best spa baths in the market that will save you tens of thousands for many years to come.