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Welcome to our hot tub technical support service. At our company, we understand the importance of having a well-functioning hot tub, and we offer high-quality repair and support services to ensure that your hot tub is always in top condition.

Our team of highly skilled technicians has extensive experience in repairing all types of issues that may arise in your hot tub. From water leaks to heating problems, our technicians are equipped to handle any problem that may come up.

In addition to repair services, we also offer support services to ensure that your hot tub is in perfect condition at all times. This includes regular cleaning of the hot tub and inspection of its components to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support. We ensure that our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we strive to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

In summary, if you’re looking for hot tub technical support services, look no further. At our company, we offer high-quality services with a focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your repair or support and ensure that your hot tub is in the best possible condition.

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FAQ – Hot tubs support

Check the main fuses in the house! Is there power to the controlbox?

Cut the power and take away the filter. Turn on the power supply again and wait until the system restarts without tuching the controlpanel! Wait for 10 minutes and restart the spa.

This problem van occur due to air in the pumpsystem, check that all jets are open and if it consists you might have to open the connections at the pump by turning the union slowly and wait until you see water pouring from the union then tight it back and restart! Remember to check that you tightened it properly.

All of the jets can be opened / closed by turning them! Check that they are open, also check if you have one or more pumps in your model? Each pump work with separate locations of your spa! You also have a water diverter on the edge of the spa which should be turned to the middle to open up the valve to give pressure to all parts of the spa!

Put the water hose in the filter compartement to fill the system in the correct order to avoid airpockets in the pumps. Fill it to the merk on the filterlid!

No action required! This is completely normal during heating and filtration.

The spa is drained by gravity, it wont be completely drained because its not necessary and if you would like to get it completely drained we recommend you to use a shopwac.

The filter is cleaned by rinsing it with your gardenhose with warm/hot water. Don’t use a pressurewasher! Use filtercleaner to leave the filter to soak for 12 hours and rinse thoroughly with water before putting it back.

A spafilter should be cleaned and rinsed 2-4 times monthly to keep the water fresh and to save the equipment, dirty clogged filters will damage pumps etc since it will effect the flow to the heater etc.

There is  natural evaporation and everybody leaving the spa will also bring some water out of the spa!

FAQ – Faulty report

To determine if the case is covered by any warranty, we need to know the purchase date and place of the product. These details can be found on the receipt you received from your supplier. Have the receipt ready in case you need to verify your purchase date. If you don’t have the receipt, please contact your retailer. If you can’t verify your purchase date, you will be charged for the costs we incur to fix the issue.

To be able to address any issues we need to have it to be able to know exactly what equipment your model has and what warranty your model has.

This information will be found in the receipt from the retailer selling it ! If you fail to provide us with this info we will charge you for the costs we will get !

If we have the serialnumber we will be able to find exactly the parts needed to solve problems, without the serialnumber we might have issues to find the correct parts.

It depends where to find the serialnumber here we show some placements.

L.A spas and American whirlpool
You will find a  badge on the exterior of your spa down by the ground or on the top of the controlbox inside the service door ! You have to open the frontpanel to reach the box.

Neptun Spas
You will find the serialnumber directly inside the servicedoor

Steam showers
On the exterior mid section

Bathtubs and massagetubs
On the inside of the pump fittings and also written with a feltpen on the exterior panel.

We need this info to be able to best handle the contact with the customer.

We need the info to be able to keep the retailer informed how your case is handled  !

You can add up to 4 pictures showing the issue and they must be sent as JPG,PNG or GIF max size 1 mb per picture

Directly we receive the form you will get a case number by mail which will be used thru the rest of the process ! In this email you will get more info

FAQ – Water maintenance

Probable cause and solution

1: Particles in the water       –  add Bright and clear clarifier

2: Ph level is too high.  – add Ph –

3: Low filtration ? Rinse the filter I filtercleaner

4: Water is supersaturated med undissolved substances – make a partial or full water change


Probable cause and solution

Dissolved metallic salt, oxid ,iron or other metals in your water – add No scale

Cause high concentration of cosmetics and soap or shampoo – add foam down

1: Cause High level of calcium – add No scale

2: Ph level too high- add Ph down

3: Alkalinity too high – add Alka down


1: High concentration of organic pollutants – Add spachock

2: Filter clogged – clean filter in filtercleaner and rinse

3: Biofilm in the pipesystem. – Run biofilm cleaner / pipecleaner to clean the pipesystem

1: Too low PH – Add Ph up

2: Alkalinity too low – Add alka up

3: TDS is too high – waterchange partially or full

High level of bound chlorine – Add Spachock   check Ph level and adjust accordingly

Limescale due to hard water – add descaler to the system

Probable cause bacterial growth lack of disinfection – Add active oxygen granules or Oxy plus activator liquid or Sunwac 12 Minichlorine

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