Neptun bad & spa has the best warranty program on the market, safe and secure for you as a buyer. Our big network of retailers and our service organization will provide you with help close to you when needed.

We leave the following warranties for our bath tubs and massagetubs.

  • 3 years warranty
  • 15 years acrylic warranty for our Outdoor spas
We provide the following warranty on the outdoor spas in the Neptun Series
  • 2 years full warranty
  • 5 years acrylic warranty

Importat to notice is that some parts are excluded from the 3 year warranty ! for closer information see the attached documents for each product category.
When used commercially other warranties apply!

If the instructions given by us has been followed Svenska Neptun leaves 36 months warranty for tubs and massagetubs and 24 months for our outdoor spas from the date when delivered by Svenska Neptuns warehouse.

If there would be any damage on the delivered product we ask the buyer to address the report following to the information below.
The seller is obliged to repair the product but not to pay any extra for delay or damages. Any damages must be reported within 7 days after receiving the product, Other remarks should be reported immediately !

If the buyer don’t do so even if he /she has discovered or shoud have he or she looses the right to have the product repaired without cost.

The sellers responsibility is limited to damages reported within 24 months for outdoor spas and 36 months for tubs.

The buyer is responsible for any extra costs due to not accessing the components such as controlsystem pumps etc.

For spareparts and accessories we charge for transport.

When delivered the product will have a manual for installation and maintenance.

We have the right to change models and to make construction changes without further notice.

The pictures showed can be of a similar model and therefore is not always exactly the model referred to in the text.

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