In our series of rectangular tubs you will find a wide variety in sizes from 1500- 1900 mm everything from standard plain tubs to exclusive massagetubs with our unique arm and wrist massage ! Al models with comfortable angle of the backrest and depth. To make it easy for you to chose you will find the same model in different sizes which means that you will find the model suited to your specific needs. A rectangular bath will always provide you with the best massage since your body will be close to the jets with your entire body !

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Welcome to our cornermodels, we can guarantee you that there will be a model suitable for you and that it will fulfill your needs and expectations of a true massagetub. One of the best in the industry, the Citrin model which comes in 3 different sizes is a fantastic tub where we have combined design, comfort, and the hydromassage function.

In our corner series you will find models ranging from small models for tighter spaces to big spacious modelsthat fits 2 person al with good depth.

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In this category you can for example find the Porfyr which has been the top seller beating al sales records ! Its werry exclusive with a free standing designtub and thru our extensive collection we can offer everything from oldtime …………….with modern depth and also models with integrated fronts.

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Most of our models are already fully equipped with al extras but don’t hesitate to ask before you order !

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Neptun Black Edition Dunö


Are thinking to invest in a outdoor spa ? Now youre in the right place ! Always fixed ow prices, Welcome to a completely new range of outdoor spas suited for the Nordic climate ! Black edition is the spa for the future with al the equipment as standard, most of which is extras from other suppliers. The details are specially designed with your maintenance and comfort in mind.
In the Black series you will get separate cirkulationpump, stainless jets,led lights along the waterline “ borderlights” as

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20 years warranty is a sign of quality !
We want to our customers to realize the reliability and the long lifespan of our fiberglass pools, to enjoy for decades to come. Al our fiberglass pools is included in the Ceramicline with a ceramic core.

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