A swimspa is actually a spa which also allow you to swim, A fantastic aquatic training facility as well as a place for relaxation.

Your own swimspa

Swimming is an excellent form of training, executed on al levels from the top elite to the basic, its also perfect for rehabilitation

Water is a s we know fantastic, in your swimspa you can without having a 50 meter pool swim against the current which can be adjusted to your level.

3 Strong pumps will provide a current strong enough even for the elite swimmer ! You can of course set the temperature to your specs, the daily swimmer might want a bit waremer while the true elite prefer colder, al up to you !

One of our models Swim & relax 5.8 Duo has 2 separate parts with completely separate controlsystems for each part ! this means you can keep the swimpart colder while you can relax in the spa part with warmer water after a swimsession.